The 8th annual international ubimedia competition, NUMA2014 (Neo Ubimedia MindTrek Awards 2014), seeks for novel ways to combine ubiquitous computing to media. We are looking for disruptive artistic visions as well as clever near-to-market solutions off the beaten tracks! This includes any range of innovative ubimedia, pervasive, or ambient products and services. NUMA2014 is a highly interdisciplinary competition and we invite equally Designers, Computer Scientists, Artists, Economists and Engineers to take a stand on the following questions with their entries:

  • What is the particular aesthetic experience opened up by the rise of ubiquitous
    and ambient media?
  • What constitutes the specific intelligence that drives future media environments?
  • How will location- and context-aware media services change our social life?
  • How will our future lives look like in the era of ubiquitous computation, and
    how can society benefit from these advanced technologies?

We seek projects, applications, services, technological solutions, concepts, or new media environment as competition entry. Note, there will be also a price sum giving to the very best three entries.

Possible themes, topics, and areas where your application could contribute to:

  • Pervasive and ubiquitous games
  • Ambient installations
  • Artistic works related to ubiquitous media and computation
  • Business models and management strategies
  • Ambient and ubiquitous media technology
  • Ubiquitous and ambient media services, devices, and environments
  • Context aware, sensing, and interfaces for ubiquitous computation
  • Ergonomics, human-computer interaction designs, and product prototypes
  • Software, hardware and middleware framework demonstrations
  • Ambient television
  • Any other inspiring work in the broad context of ubiquitous media

NUMA2014 will be held on Wednesday, the 5th of November 2014 as part of MindTrek festival in Tampere, Finland. Keep in mind that you will have to prove your idea with a working prototype. If you get nominated, you will need to demonstrate your work in NUMA workshop at MindTrek.

As we are a cross-disciplinary competition, we created the following categories, to cope with all the latest trends:

“NUMA-TEC” - You have been pushing the boundaries of sensors and ubiquitous computing or invented some incredible new pervasive hardware? This award focuses on advances in “Technology”.

“NUMA-KERS” - You have mastered the odds of physical computing and rapid prototyping and want to expose your devices beyond the maker community? This award focuses on the community of “Makers”.

“NUMA-UX” - You are an interaction, experience designer, or artist and have gone where no content has been seen before? This award focuses on the “Experience”.

“NUMA-CONTENT” - You are a content creator, application developer, designer, artist, game designer, or new media developer? This award focuses on new ambient, ubiquitous, and pervasive content.

All ubiquitous, pervasive, or ambient media products, services or prototypes which have been finalized during the previous year after 1st of January 2013 and are sent to Jury by 31st of August 2014 are eligible to take part in the competition. Join the competition list numa ( at ) by subscribing here or ask for more information by email from chairs ( at )